Greenwich Town Party



Create an annual celebration for the people of Greenwich to come together and participate in a day of music, food, fun, family, and friendship to experience the strength of community.

In the spirit of mutual generosity, we urge the community to embrace the Greenwich spirit and make this event better than ever by giving back: donating what they can, sponsoring, buying tickets or volunteering. The day is an expression of contribution and how we help each other. Town-wide participation truly has made this party a success year after year."

- GTP organizer


The Greenwich Town Party is the brainchild of one community-minded town resident who was inspired while visiting his wife's home country of Spain. It was there he saw the unifying effect of an annual town party. Motivated by the values of building community through celebration, he returned home and embarked on creating the Greenwich Town Party. His idea was met with tremendous support, and the GTP is now in its sixth year and has become part of the fabric of Greenwich.

While the party is about a day of celebration, the effect it creates is far larger. It transcends that single day, building a lasting sense of town pride and the strength of the Greenwich community.